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Which Aligners Are Right For You?

There are many doctors that offer clear aligners, but not all of them are orthodontists that personally program each patient’s treatment. There are big companies that offer clear aligners, but you never know who your doctor is or who to talk to when you have a question. With SmyleAlign™, you get the confidence that comes from not only knowing that your doctor is an orthodontist but also personally knowing WHO your doctor is. We know our patients are real people and that’s why your treatment is customized for you with SmyleAlign™.


Every case is designed and managed by one of America’s most experienced orthodontic specialists who understands the complex biomechanics involved in creating your best smile. From the time your teeth are scanned until your treatment is finished, you’ll have the assurance that only comes from knowing your doctor and that your treatment plan was customized with an orthodontist-curated aligner.


Aligner Systems

In most cases, the aligner system will fix minor corrections but will not address bite issues.

Faster treatment times are sometimes promised, but it is only because the treatment being offered is incomplete.

Treatment costs more due to marketing campaign expenses.

They usually run on autopilot, which results in longer treatment times and sub-optimal results.

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How It Works

Dr. Ghosh scans a woman's teeth for SmyleAlign
Get a Simple SCAN

Schedule a quick, complimentary, 3D scan at your orthodontist’s office. Your digital scan will be the blueprint to create your treatment plan and guide your new smile from start to finish.

Clear braces on a girl's teeth

After your digital treatment plan has been created, your clear aligners will be manufactured and ready for you. With SmyleAlign™, your office visits are minimal.

A woman smiles after SmyleAlign Treatment

After you complete your smile journey, you will receive a set of retainers, along with your 3D-printed model.

Watch Dr. Ghosh in action!

Real SmyleAlign™ Patients.

A girl is getting her teeth checked by an orthodontist A woman is getting her teeth checked by an orthodontist A young man is getting her teeth checked by an orthodontist

With SmyleAlign, one quick office visit is all you need to get started. Before you know it you’ll be on your way to your new smile. Learn more about SmyleAlign™ from orthodontic professionals and about the personal experiences of our valued patients.