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SmyleAlign™ aligners apply a precise force on your teeth. It is not painful, but a minor discomfort is felt when a new aligner is worn. It will typically take a few days to get used to.

Once the scan is completed, you can expect to receive your aligners within two weeks.

No worries! If you lose an aligner, you can call us, and we will have a new one made for you within days at no additional cost!

SmyleAlign™ is great for teens and adults. We do not recommend aligner treatment for young children with early phase or phase 1 treatment.

SmyleAlign™ fees are customized and based on each individual patient’s treatment needs. It is very affordable compared to other aligner brands.

No, your SmyleAlign™ treatment is custom-designed by an orthodontist with the help of special computer software. Personal orthodontic experience is used to design each individual patient’s treatment plan and customizes where, when, and how each tooth is moved during the process.

The number of aligners is based on the treatment design, and complexity of each individual case.